How it Works

In the past, the legitimate supply chain was most vulnerable to exploitation between the time diamonds were mined in African combat zones and the time they were exported from the country of origin.

Under KPCS, that problem is addressed as rough diamonds are packaged with a certificate of origin soon after they are mined. At later stages of the diamonds' journey to market, rough diamonds also carry a certificate describing the shipment's contents and confirm that the stones came from a Kimberley Process participant. Any country declining to participate is effectively barred from the international diamond trade.

The KPCS also requires that each shipment of rough diamonds be in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a certificate of origin. Each certificate is uniquely numbered and contains information detailing the shipment's contents.

Participating countries have pledged to turn back or impound shipments of rough diamonds from any nation that fails to subscribe to these standards. Shipments lacking in proper certification are also subject to being confiscated.