What is the PrijemsEdge?

The PrijemsEdge was essentially an internal business motto that became a client motto. Stimulated by our innovative, pioneer products we have been providing our clients with an Edge for over a decade. Work with us and we’ll give you and your clients the Edge too and that’s the Prijems promise.

For more information contact our Sales Department at 213-489-1234 or online at sales@prijems.com

Does Prijems do custom orders?

Absolutely. Contact us at 213-489-1234 or at sales@prijems.com and we can collaborate.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes we do. As manufactures, our prices are already competitive, but with volume we will do our best to give you even more value for your diamonds.

I need melee in several sizes and am very picky. Can you still help me?

Yes we can because we have large in house resources to source melee and keep the costs competitive.

Do you manufacture your own diamonds?

Yes. The majority of our diamonds are manufactured through our own factory in Mumbai, India.

Are Prijems diamonds conflict free?

Without exception. All of our diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free.

How do I purchase from Prijems?

Call us anytime at 213-489-1234 or email us at sales@prijems.com. We also exhibit at all major tradeshows worldwide. Look where we’ll be in under the Press & Events tab.

Do you sell to individuals or only to the trade?

We are exclusively wholesale and sell only to the trade.

Who are your primary clients?

Worldwide, we work with some of the most talented designers, superior manufacturers, and luxury retailers.

How is my package shipped?

In the USA or for international packages valued under $5,000, we typically use FedEx. Packages over $50,000 or over $5,000 for International shipments, they may be sent using many of our other trusted carriers. To track your package please contact sales@prijems.com and we will alert you right away with an update.

What type of quality does Prijems offer?

Our core offering is mid to high range quality. And because our factory procures products directly from the mines; we virtually eliminated middlemen and can therefore offer superior products at a superior price. Contact us for a competitive analysis on your existing diamonds.

As you are manufacturers, can I visit your factory in India?

We would be thrilled to show off our manufacturing capabilities! Our factory is located in Mumbai, India—the diamond-cutting center of the world. Contact us at sales@prijems.com and we will set it up for you.